Our Story

♥We are medium which helps Devotees meet God!!♥

Our Aim

Every Devotee across the world should be able to connect to God. Also we want Zero Wait Time to meet their beloved God!

1) No Queue so No wait Time

2) Book Hotels from Home so No worries of staying while visiting Mandir

3) Donation has become Easy!

4) Buy Mandir for your Home so you can meet god in your Home only!

5) Find all relavant information


What we do?

♥ The following will clarify all your doubts on how we complete your order! ♥

For Prasad

• When we receive your order, we identify the temple which you selected while making order.

• Then buy Prasad from our certified Prasad vendors near to that temple.

• Then our executives offer the Prasad to the God.

• Then we pack your blessed Prasad with proper packaging and then our courier partner delivers the Prasad at earliest possible.

We make sure that your order offered to the temple you selected only and also the quality we buy is of best standards as we allow only certified Vendors! 

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