For the creation of the universe the Shiv element brought forth the Sati. Sati took birth at the house of Daksh Prajapati. She married lord Shiva. Daksha organized a huge Yagna, and to spite Shiva, did not invite him. Sati still went to that Yagna at her fathers without invitation. She and lord Shiva were insulted again and unable to bear that Sati jumped into the Yagna pyre and embraced fire. Lord Shiva became very angry and carrying the body of Sati on his shoulders, he started the Tandav. The entire world shook and panicked. To save the world, Lord Vishnu cut the body of Sati into 51 parts with his Sudarshan Chakra and wherever these parts fell, a Shaktipeeth was established.

The Temple

According to the mythological tale, Maa Umiya was established by Lord Shankar himself at Unjha. In the year 156 BC Vikram Samvat- 212, king Vrajpal Sinhji constructed the temple. King Avnipat had done a very big yagna with the one lac twenty five thousand coconuts and a well full of ghee. In the vikram samvat 1122/24, Vegda Gami constructed the temple.which was demolished by Alluddin Khilji’s commander Ullugh Khan. That temple was where currently the Mollot wing houses the Sheshshayi. The statue of the Mataji is carefully preserved at Mollot’s big Madh and today there is a Gokh there. It is the true foundation of the Mataji’s temple. Here on Aaso Sud – 8, the palli is filled. Here on Jeth Sud- 2, were celebrated the traditional ‘Hel khelna na halotra’,’Bhatwari’ and ‘Shukun’.

Current Temple was made with the contribution from each house Patidar Community house in the vikram samvat 1943, and the year 1887 AD. The construction of the temple was started by Shri Ram Chandra Mansukh lal and after him by Shri Rav bhahdur Bechardas Lashkari. In these endeavors, contribution was made by the Gaikwads government and also by Patdi Darbar. In the Vastupujan of the temple, the representatives of the Gaikwad were present and they offered valuable clothes to the deity. And they offered their respects to Shree Bechardas Lashkari also. At that time, Shree Ngardas Ugar das Ptel Mollot and Shree Kushaldas Rusate offered the Gold Shikhar with the Rs.2000/- offerings.
After that in the year 1894 Ad, the Mansarovar was built. For the construction of the temple, under the leadership of Shri Bechardas lashkari, a Panch committee was appointed. The stone work of this construction and the Mansarovar building is available with the trust.

Maa Umiya Akhand Roop

From the body of Maa Umiya fifty one Shakipeeth were established. In the second incarnation Shiva established the temple of Maa at Unjha, which is her unbroken incarnation and not the Shakipeeth of the body parts. The wishes come true when prayers are offered here.